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Health and Wellness Coaching

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Do you find it challenging to stay motivated when endeavoring to make changes to your health? Are you aware that changes must be made in your daily life but you do not know where to begin? If so then Health and Wellness Coaching might just be the solution you have been seeking.

Health and Wellness Coaching is a service offered by trained professionals who work with you individually to assist you reach your Wellness goals. Health and Wellness Coaching motivates, guides, and supports a person in order to reach sustainable behavioral changes by offering creative solutions to their problems.

Health and Wellness Coaching provides individually designed programs to meet your unique needs by focusing on physical, mental, and emotional health. They assist you become proactive in your life by removing unhealthy behaviors and making Wellness a priority.

Benefits of Health and Wellness Coaching for Your Staff Members

Staff Members can benefit from Health and Wellness Coaching in a variety of ways. Health and Wellness Coaching can assist individuals decrease major health risks in their lives by changing high risk behaviors. Some of the many reasons why employees work with Wellness Coaches are to get in shape, lose a little (or lot) of weight, reduce stress, stop using tobacco, and design balance in their lives. Wellness Coaches aid individuals with current health problems as well as preventing future health issues.

Because each program that a Wellness Coach designs is unique to suit the needs of the individual, they can be sure that it’ll be a program that is right for them. Most busy employees mistakenly believe that they do not have the time for Health and Wellness Coaching. Fortunately Health and Wellness Coaching professionals are able to offer their services in a variety of convenient ways. While electronic Health and Wellness Coaching through the use of e-mails and instant messaging has become a popular method due to its convenience, telephone and face-to-face interactions may also be used. Staff Members have the ability to reach their goals and improve their lives through the assistance of Health and Wellness Coaching.

Benefits of Health and Wellness Coaching for the Company

The overall benefits of Health and Wellness Coaching for a business are remarkable. Staff Member high risk behaviors such as tobacco use and obesity cost companies millions of dollars every year. These high risk behaviors often cause preventable illness and keep employees from coming to work. Health and Wellness Coaching guides, supports, hold individuals accountable, and ensures that they receive continued motivation to assist them reach their Wellness goals and eliminate unhealthy behaviors in their lives.

By implementing Wellness Plans and using Health and Wellness Coaching in their companies, employers reduce the risk of preventable illness in their companies. This improves the overall health of employees, reduces healthcare and insurance costs, decreases absenteeism, and ultimately enhances performance and productivity. When employees experience the benefits of higher levels Wellness in their lives it causes an improvement in job attitude, energy, and morale. Companies that utilize Health and Wellness Coaching for their employees experience the benefits of higher productivity.

Wellness Coach

Wellness incorporates many facets of our daily lives. From the amount of sleep to the water we drink, to the food that we eat and the activity that we maintain, our health is dependent upon many factors of our lifestyle. Working to improve our Wellness can be challenging to reach on our own. That is why we can utilize the assistance of a Wellness Coach.

What’s a Wellness Coach?

A Wellness Coach is a highly educated professional who is trained in behavioral change. Wellness Coaches generally have degrees in Exercise Science, Health Education, Exercise Physiology, Counseling and Education. A Wellness Coach assists individuals in recognizing current health concerns as well as preventing future health related issues. These professionals work with individuals in a variety of ways including; face-to-face, phone, via instant messaging and / or email. The latter of those is also referred to as electronic Health and Wellness Coaching and is the most efficient and cost effective method of working with a Wellness Coach. No matter what method is used for communication a Wellness Coach provides a personalized program specifically designed to address the needs and concerns of each personal client.

In what ways can a Wellness Coach assist me?

Most individuals maintain several healthy habits in their lives. One person may be a fitness enthusiast; another may abstain from alcohol and tobacco; while another may maintain a healthy daily diet. However, overall Wellness is much like a puzzle, and a high level of health is only achieved when each piece of this puzzle is in place. A Wellness Coach will aid an individual in correcting his/her missing piece of the puzzle. An web-based Wellness Coach may address the needs of sleep deprivation, stress management, diet, or any number of health related issues. The Wellness Coach will motivate, guide, and offer valuable resources to offer individuals with the necessary tools to make life changes.

How is a Wellness Coach unique?

A Wellness Coach serves a distinctly different purpose than a personal trainer, a counselor, or a supportive family member or friend. First, a Wellness Coach is an expert in his/her personal field. When a client determines the need for a Wellness Coach he or she will complete a Health Risk Assessment (HRA). based on this assessment the individual will be assigned a Wellness Coach specifically selected to address his/her individual needs. Next, a Wellness Coach is available electronically 24 hours per day. Through web-based communication individuals have the opportunity to contact a Wellness Coach as much or as little as he may like. Communication with a Wellness Coach may range from daily to weekly, and can occur by e-mail, journal or a combination of both. Finally, a Wellness Coach is trained to aid in changing the way that the individual thinks and the way that they view themselves. A Wellness Coach maintains the purpose of helping the individual to work towards achieving a higher quality in life. This happens by addressing the cause of a certain problem rather than simply addressing the effects of a problem. A Wellness Coach will assist individuals recognize their needs, determine goals, and take the necessary steps towards achieving these goals.  While

Wellness are growing concerns in our daily lives, it may seem challenging to make the time to educate oneself and address the needs or our well being. Working with the assistance of a Wellness Coach enables us to emphasis on our personal needs and make progress towards changing.


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