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Build Complete Upper Body Strength

Author: Sandra Priorpushup1

Classic Push Ups are the Perfect Exercise for anyone wanting a Rock Hard Upper body

Sometimes it’s just not worth re-inventing the wheel. True classics are often underestimated, in fashion and music, as well as in workouts. Starting with the push up, we’ll give you the perfect form for each exercise, training tips, as well as variations to spice up your workout.

No other exercise targets the chest, shoulder, arm and back muscles better within one single movement. Plus, you can do push ups anywhere. All you need is your own body weight and gravity, and nature provides that for you. By the way, the world record for the classic push up is 6006 repetitions. Think you can beat that?

To Gain Optimal Training Results, follow these Tips

Try to hold body tension. The head, torso and legs should always form a straight line.

The closer the arms are together, the harder the triceps have to work.

Lower the upper body until you almost touch the floor with your chest.

To increase the strain on the chest muscles, position the arms further apart than shoulder width.

When pushing up do not fully extend the arms (greater intensity).

Easy Push up

Position yourself with knees on the floor, legs bent at the knee and ankles crossed. The hands should be at chest height and positioned just wider than shoulder width. Now push yourself up with your arms from this position. Important: Hold the upper body and torso in a straight line, avoiding a hollow back.

Basic Push Up

Place hands below the shoulders. Now come down slowly until the chest almost touches the floor. Do not straighten the arms on the upward movement. Important: Keep your back and bottom straight and don’t let them sink down lower than the shoulders.

Bent Push Up

Place hands shoulder width apart, with the tips of the toes elevated on a step or hard box. Maintain full body tension. Lower the upper body until contact is almost made with the floor. An excellent exercise for the upper chest muscles.

Step Push Up

For this combination shoulder exercise, put yourself in the initial push up position. Next, put your left hand on the step or hard box. Now place your right hand on the step. Hold this position for 3 seconds, and do a push up. Now go back to the initial position and repeat, this time beginning with the right hand.

Advanced Push Up

Place one hand on a basket ball. This will improve co-ordination as well as train the arm, upper body and torso muscles. Now slowly, and in a controlled fashion, do a push up. Change sides.

Physio Ball Push Up

Place hands on top, slightly at the side of the ball. Maintain body tension. Hold the position, then slowly push upwards maintaining control.

Explosive Push Up

Start this exercise with both arms on the steps or hard box. Push yourself up powerfully. Move your arms inwards, so that you can land in the lowest push up position. Repeat the explosive push up so that you once again land on the steps or box with both hands.

One Armed Push Up

Place your feet wide apart for better balance. Shift your weight onto one arm. The free hand should be placed on your hip. Start with a small radius and slowly improve range. It becomes easier if you start with the initial easy push up position and then lift one arm away.

Power Variations

Once you are able to control the classic varieties, change the position of your hands to increase the level of difficulty. Try to master the same number of reps on your finger tips.