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Let’s Get Started towards a Better You, Part 1

Author:  C. Smallat home

Isn’t it time you did something about the way you look and feel?  Want to Eliminate that Tired…Worn Out…Unhealthy Feeling?  Have you ever thought about doing something to boost your energy-level, mental acuity and self-esteem?  Want to look good in clothes that actually fit?  You can do these things and a whole lot more by achieving a healthy lifestyle.  Don’t wait another day!  Learn how to get fit inside and out through good nutrition and exercising the safe way with the right equipment, for lasting results.  Learn how eating right, using the right supplements and exercising can help you manage your weight, whether you’re over or under weight; and how getting and staying in shape will help prevent potentially life threatening diseases.

Are you ready?  Let’s go.  First, check with your doctor to ensure that you can safely exercise without restrictions.  Once you get the green light, you must make the personal decision to begin an exercise plan and commit to making it a priority in your life.  It’s also important to have a support team especially when you’re just starting a workout program.  Your team can help you stay on track by providing guidance and motivation.  Keep in mind however, that you did not get the way you are overnight.  It’s going to take time to develop new habits, so stay positive.  If you “fall off the wagon” get back up and start again right away.

You might also consider several sessions with a qualified personal trainer to learn what to do to reach your fitness goals.  A personal trainer can help you set your fitness goals and design a workout program specifically for you.  Don’t forget that there is no right or wrong way to stay active.  Just make sure that your goal(s) is/are realistic and measurable in a way that you will see your progress.  For example if your starting point for crunches is 1 on Day 1, you may set a goal to increase your reps to 10 by Day 8.

Now let’s get started.  Find something that works for you whether it’s biking to work, walking after a meal, joining a sports league, exercising while watching TV, or training for a marathon.  Life provides many opportunities to be active – we just have to recognize them.

I know that in trying to balance school, jobs, relationships and all of the other demands of your daily life, physical health is often the last item on your agenda.  However, if you make physical fitness and healthy lifestyle a priority, you will find more energy and enthusiasm for the other areas of your life; and, with more energy you might find that you can do a little bit more each day, such as spending more time with your family or that special someone.

REMEMBER you hold the key to a healthier you.  So start today.  Learn the steps, that is the small life style changes that you can make to help prevent heart disease, obesity, diabetes and stroke….and lead to a healthier, better looking you…a “you” that you will be proud of.

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Tips for Quick Workout Recovery

Author: Grace SoongDrinking Milk

You can carve a firm, sexier body by doing nothing. That’s because  relaxation and recovery are just as important as your workout sessions.  When you exercise, you tear down muscle fibers.  As the fibers regenerate, they become bigger and stronger. It’s during this recuperation that your body transforms.  While  personal training in Rochester , NY I always remind my clients to rest, stretch and listen to their bodies…

Get enough sleep

Your body reconstructs itself best when you’re asleep.  Sleep deprivation also disturbs  your normal hormone levels therby depleting you of needed energy to get you ready for a good workout.  Not only will you  get an ineffective workout but you will also crave for sugar as an alternate  energy source.   In a recent study of 1,000 volunteers at Stanford University, subjects who did not get enough sleep per night had a higher body fat content compared to their constituents who enjoyed at least seven or eight hours of sleep.  

Take days off from your workouts

Give yourself a minimum of 24 hours between workouts.  Take at least one day off every week. You can still get great results from  strength training  twice a week.  Don’t strength train more than five times a week because all your hard work won’t get you anywhere if your don’t let your body recover.

Do not ignore aches and pains

Ignoring muscle soreness or tightness just presents you with larger issues. If you feel any pain while exercising, stop your workout completely. If you feel tightness, pause to stretch.  Better yet, stretch after your warm-up and at the end of your workout to keep your body functioning at its finest.

Avoid anti-infammatory drugs and pain killers

Delayed-onset muscle soreness, or DOMS as it is called by exercise physiologists, is characterized by sometimes muscle tenderness, muscles weakness and a decrease in range of motion.  It usually peaks about 24 to 72 hours after an extreme  cardio-vascular  or strength exercise event.  Although anti-inflammatory drugs do appear to reduce muscle soreness during DOMS, studies show that they may slow down the muscles’ ability to repair the damage.

Eat appropriately

According to a study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, subjects who snacked with a 4-to-1 ratio of carbs to protein within 30 minutes of their workout offset muscle damage the most. That’s because after a  workout your body is damaged  and depleted of energy.  It requires immediate attention.  You’ll also get the most immediate bounce-back if you drink your snack in liqiud form because your body absorbs liquid faster than solid foods. You can purchase ready to drink protein shakes at most grocery stores.  Keep fat and sugar to under 2 grams per serving.  Have your shake with an apple, small banana or ½ cup of berries.

Common Questions and Answers Regarding Fitness

Author: Grace Soongfitness5

Numerous misconceptions and general questions revolve around fitness and training. Below are a five of the most common questions my clients ask of me and the answers I give them:

1. Can I spot train certain parts of my body?  If you are talking about spot training to get rid of the fat (reducing the size of that body part), that will never happen.  No exercise can do that.  When you spot train, you are working the muscle underneath the fat.  To  reduce fat  in certain areas of the body, you must do two things: first, reduce overall body fat through a change in your diet, and second, increase muscle tone through strength training.  Without a doubt, you can spot train to INCREASE the size of a certain area…but never the other way around.

2. Will I bulk-up if I workout?  A lot depends on the type of workout that you do and the principles behind your workout. Genetics, gender, age, diet and the quantity of testosterone your body naturally produces will determine if you’ll have a propensity to bulk up.  Generally, if you are female over 30 years old, it would be difficult to bulk up without the aid of testosterone supplements no matter how heavy you lift.

3. How often and for how long should I workout?  Suggestions by fitness organizations such ACSM, AHA and ACE keep changing as new studies and research are provided. The general agreement, however, is 3-5 days a week for about 20-60 minutes each session. A lot also depends on your goal:  lose weight , maintain your current level of fitness, gain weight or train for a competition or sport. Check with your  personal trainer  for his/her recommendation before you start because too little or too much could hinder your development.

4. What causes muscle soreness after exercise?  Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is caused by a larger than normal burden on a muscle. Originally, it was believed that a build up of lactic acid caused the soreness.  However, research confirms that the soreness is caused by micro tears in the muscle. A release of enzymes from the muscle fibers and the muscle’s response to the larger than normal burden (placed on it) causes the irritation. As the muscles adjust to the weights, the soreness will diminish.

5. What are the best equipment to use?  In general, machines are better for the beginner. They provide more stability than free weights (dumbbells and barbells). They help you maintain form until you can master the moves.  However, machines are two-dimensional exercises (movements are limited to forward and back, or up and down) whereas your muscles are multi-dimensional (they move forward, back, diagonally and sideways). With free-weights and cable pulley machines you activate several muscle fibers at once.  However, they require more skill and control on your part.