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How Cycling Can Benefit You

Author: Marcus Petercycling

There is no debating the fact that cycling is perhaps one of the best ways to commute smaller distances considering the health and environmental benefits it offers. We all know that cycles produce no carbon dioxide or other harmful emissions, are easy to park, produce no noise, are easy to maintain and can help rev up your health. But apart from these obvious advantages there are many other far-reaching benefits that cycling has to offer. Let’s look at a few of them here.

1.) Biking burns calories: It does not take gas to run a bike. The only fuel that cycling burns is your own calories! The more you ride your bike the more calories you burn and the more fuel you save. This directly helps you save more. So if you look at it, the benefits here are three fold. You save money, improve your health and help the environment at the same time.

2.) Helps reduce noise pollution: Although modern cars produce very less noise a collection of cars can raise the noise levels significantly especially given rush-hour conditions where the noise increases also because of the honking. Road bikes on the other hand produce no noise and there is no way they can lead to a traffic jam situation.

3.) Cycling helps you reach your destination faster: Believe it or not, cycling can help you reach your destination faster as compared to a car given a traffic jam or rush hour situation. Cycles have an advantage of moving faster through stagnant traffic helping you reduce your commute stress and time.

4.) Cycling can make you forget your sorrows: You heard that right. Cycling can help you forget your sorrows. How you ask? Cycling like any other forms of exercise helps increase the levels of endorphins in your body. Endorphins are euphoria producing hormones that help you get a sense of wellbeing by boosting your mood.

5.) Helps you appreciate nature: While commuting in a car we tend to miss out on so much that mother nature has to offer. There is no way someone commuting in a car can enjoy the scenery around him. Cycling on the other hand helps you experience the beauty of the locales. You can smell the nature around you, be it the fertile damp earth, the flowering trees or newly mown grass.

6.) You get to make new friends: Fellow cyclists can make great friends given the fact that they are sure to have similar thoughts as you do towards protecting the environment and staying healthy. A survey among cyclists reveals that deep friendships often result among cycling enthusiast because of the common ground they share.

7.) Cycles are easier to manufacture and maintain: Cycles can be manufactured with a fraction of elements required to manufacture a car. This is another reason why cycles are eco friendly. They are also a lot easier to maintain as compared to a car.

These are just a few of the many benefits that cycling has to offer. So if you have still not got yourself a bike, it is high time you start thinking about getting one.

Sport Nutrition: Eat your Way to the Top of your Sport

Author: George Mellosports nutrition

There are many factors that affect your performance, but one of the keys is having your body in top condition and provided with the best nutrition.  While most people understand that nutrition is a major factor in keeping our bodies healthy,  sport nutrition requires eating healthy to an even higher level .  A wise athlete recognizes that sport nutrition is very important and is something to be taken seriously if they want to maintain good health.

While most experienced endurance athletes know the importance of eating and drinking enough calories, some do not consume enough nutrition for their sport . When establishing a proper nutrition plan for endurance athletes, you still need to factor in exactly which sport they are training for competition.  While most people eat to satisfy their hunger and remain healthy,  sport nutrition is designed to make your body perform its best.

When establishing a diet for an athlete, it is best to consult a professional sport nutrition expert.   A good place to start planning meals and menus as an athlete is with a sport nutritionist if you do not know how to do so yourself . Another good option would be to try some of the diets given by the professionals that have already achieved what you’re striving to do.  Feed your body with low nutritional and sugary garbage and see how fast you will begin to feel out of shape.

Very cheap food supplements will not give your body the proper nutrition when you are eating to maintain a diet for a particular sport.   When it comes to potentially performance-enhancing supplements, one option is to, consult a sport nutrition expert for help. Another good place to obtain more information on sports nutrition is the internet; here you will find journals from different sport nutritionist.  You can often find sports nutrition presentations and booklets placed all over supplement and nutrition stores as well.

While most people would love to have the problem of not eating enough for their body, it’s quite common for endurance athletes to lack the proper nutrition. Ensuring you are receiving all the correct nutrients and vitamins is the correct way to maintain a healthy and balanced diet . There are a surprisingly large number of myths about sport nutrition and nutrition in general floating around all over the place. Ensuring you receive the correct nutrition will encourage your success in any sport or non sport activity that you participate in, so  be sure to educate yourself and find the plan that will work best for you.

Rebounding To Better Health

Author: Tk Healeyrebounding

Ever heard of rebounding? Rebounding is a fun way to get great exercise using small controlled movements on a mini trampoline. By using a small trampoline and following a rebounding video, people of all ages can exercise on a rebounder. Rebounding is safe because your feet barely leave the surface and a stabilizing bar can be added which will help if you feel unsteady.

There are different types of rebounders on the market and some even fold for easy storage. Because of the size of these mini trampolines they can be used in your home or even easily transported to your office. Rebounding has been taking up in some of your most popular commercial gyms.

There are a vast selection of videos to keep your rebounding workout exciting and new. There are special routines for people of all ages to make it more enjoyable. Some examples of rebounding workouts include first timers, basic, seniors, sports specific, dance, ballet, hip hop, Latin, core, yoga, abdominal, stretch and many other routines.  You will never get bored with so many videos to choose from.

What makes REBOUNDING effective?

Rebounding provides many benefits to your body. It has been known to improve your circulation reduces stress, increase muscle tone, improve co-ordination and balance, increases energy. There is no strain on your joints. It simultaneously works all the major muscle groups, provides a calorie burning, cardiovascular, strength conditioning workout, incorporates simple, martial arts based movements in a coordinated way and builds stamina, strength and balance. If you do the techniques of rebounding regularly you will get results and have fun doing it.

REBOUNDING has been on national television shows such as The View with Barbara Walters, The Today Show and  has been featured in such magazines as Fitness, Ace Fitness Magazine, and  Fit. JB Berns has been on infomercials As Seen On TV promoting his urban rebounder.

Kids love it, adults and seniors love it too! Rebounding has become one of the most beneficial forms of exercise ever developed.

Bounce your way to feeling healthy. A fun workout that builds strength, cardiovascular capacity, and balance without jarring the body like other exercises.


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Exercise Rowing Machines: How To Row Away The Pounds

Author: Brue Bakerrowing machine

If you aren’t already in good shape you need to get there. And don’t try to get in shape and lose pounds from taking pills or powder, you need to take on an actual dedication to your health by getting active and working out. Exercising three days a week for twenty minutes each session, along with a healthy diet of course, will give you the body you have always wanted (or use to have).

Don’t Use Your Age As An Excuse

If you are unsure if you are healthy enough to exercise consult your doctor before you work out on any fitness machine. Otherwise, no matter what your age or current fitness level there are exercises and machines that are right for you. One of the best exercise machines for anyone to use is a rowing machine.

There are a number of reasons why people choose to purchase or utilize exercise rowing machines. For some, this is a novel way of increasing strength and endurance. For others, using exercise rowing machines can shake up previous exercise programs by providing a new way of getting some cardio and conditioning in.

For a small few, a rowing machine can be used to burn excess calories. Yes, the words used here are “a small few” as most people opt to use more traditional cardio exercise equipment items as a means of burning up excess calories.

Despite being an excellent tool for burning calories, the rowing machine is not as popular as Nordic tracks, treadmills, or the stationary bike. This is unfortunate as exercise rowing machines can burn calories quite effectively while at the same time increasing lean muscle mass.

How To Use Exercise Rowing Machines

The common design of exercise rowing machines allows for the person using the device to adjust the level of resistance. It can be tweaked to be made very difficult to move or it can be adjusted to have little weight.

If you want to use exercise rowing machines to burn calories then the resistance level on the rowing device needs to be adjusted so that you are using little or no resistance and/or weight. This concept is common among all forms of resistance training: low weight and high reps equal definition.

Now, please do not fall for the fallacy of logic that low weight/high reps means muscle tone. This is simply not true. What really occurs is more calories are burned and that reduces stored fat and allows the muscles to “show.”

There is no such thing as toning a muscle as muscles can only do one of two things: get bigger or get smaller. Far too often, people only consider the addition of extra weight as the primary goal of getting better with a rowing machine. This is a limited outlook.

While increasing weight will aid in building muscle and strength, lessening the weight also has a number of positive benefits as well. For example, when you have little weight or resistance, you can do more reps and do them faster. This will burn calories as the purpose of using the device shifts from strength training to a cardio workout designed to burn calories.

Now that you now how to benefit from and how to use a rowing machine you should consider trying one. It can be a particularly good exercise for those who are looking for a good low impact exercise oppose to running, which can be jarring on the knees and back. Just make sure that you are dedicated and committed to actually using it. The machine won’t do anything for you unless you are on it.

Kettler Fitness Kadett Exercise Rowing Machine Kettler Fitness Kadett Exercise Rowing Machine
With its combination of exceptional craftsmanship and superior design, the Kettler Kadett provides the most complete workout available in a compact rowing machine. The Kadett reflects precise piece-by-piece German manufacturing standards and features a design that works a more comprehensive set of upper-body muscles. The frame is far more stable than that of its less expensive competitors, and its outrigger design replicates the natural elliptical art of true rowing motion! Like all Kettler rowers, the Kadett includes heart rate and performance monitors that track a range of workout statistics including pulse.

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Role of Weight Management in Weight Loss

Author: Jen Pagebefore & after

With over 60% of the North American population currently overweight there has been much emphasis lately on the ways and means of healthy weight loss. If you have just successfully dropped a hundred (or even 10) pounds, congratulations – you did it! Now here comes second part of the challenge – weight management.

Research has shown that approximately only 20% of dieters keep excess weight off long term once they have reached their target goal. In fact one of the richest most powerful women in the world, Oprah Winfrey, has recently shared with the public her frustration and deep disappointment at unsuccessfully being able to maintain her ideal weight. So the woman who has everything; the guy, the job, the homes, the cars, a stellar career, fame and fortune still can’t buy thin and has to somehow muster the strength and courage to start all over again.  Good luck Oprah, you can do it, you really can, and so can any one else who has a solid weight management plan.

To begin developing your own plan for weight management, you will need to figure out what the ideal weight for your height and build is so that you know what healthy weight to set your weight loss goals by. Determining an estimate of your ideal body weight can be done by using a Body Mass Index Calculator or through a consultation with your doctor.

There are many weight loss options available that can aid you in reaching your ideal body weight. You can choose from a multitude of different diets, such as low-calorie or low-carbohydrate diets. There are fad diets such as the Cabbage Soup Diet and the South Beach Diet. There are prescription diet pills and OTC diet pills that can provide a multitude of benefits including lessening your appetite, increasing your metabolism and blocking fat absorption from the foods you eat. There are also exercise programs and bariatric surgeries. Carefully consider the risks and benefits of each option, do your research and enlist a medical doctor to help you make an informed choice.

All of these methods to lose weight, however, are only tools to assist you as you ‘battle the bulge’. Nothing, not even the best diet pills or most costly surgery will do all the work of losing weight for you – you still have to do your part. Your responsibility as someone who not only wants to lose weight, but wants long-term weight management is to make healthy adjustments to your lifestyle. This may include educating yourself about healthy eating and nutrition, learning how to exercise safely and effectively, and addressing any emotional aspects of your relationship with food and eating that may have been a contributing factor to your weight gain.

Weight management following weight loss is not complicated – all you need to do is consume a calorie-controlled diet and get regular exercise. It sounds pretty simple, so why is the success rate of weight management so low? The two main reasons are the inability to stay motivated over the long term, and a belief that dieting has an end goal rather than seeing it as a permanent lifestyle change. Weight management requires modifying behaviors around food and activity. The good news is that it takes less calories to lose weight than it does to maintain it and you can adjust your diet accordingly. Clinical studies have proven that the common denominators found amongst those who have successfully lost weight and have kept it off for a period longer than five years are:

–         high levels of activity

–         low-calorie, low-fat, portion-controlled meal plans

–         eating breakfast

–         developed and consistent eating patterns

–         they stayed motivated and did not cheat or fall off the wagon

The only truly good reason to lose weight should be to gain health despite social and cultural mores that would have you believe otherwise. Losing weight and achieving your weight loss goals is only half of your journey to a healthier you completed. The other half of your journey is weight management and keeping the weight off once it’s gone.

The Key to Good Athlete Nutrition

Author: Faye Brown

If you are an athlete you know that good athlete nutrition is essential. It’s not something you can just brush aside, saying, “Today I’ll be healthy, tomorrow I’m going to throw it all to the wind.” Good nutrition is as vital to your athletic performance as practicing, and when you learn the secret to good nutrition you’ll be able to enjoy improvements in your athletic performance that you never thought were possible!

The key steps to athlete nutrition: soccer players_1

1) If you’re thirsty, it’s already too late. Dehydration is the number one nutritional killer of most athletes’ performance, because they don’t drink enough water through the day. Not drinking enough water will leave you feeling sluggish and sleepy, and when you’re an athlete involved in a sport where every second counts you know that a few minutes of feeling sluggish and sleepy can completely ruin your performance.

Although most doctors recommend you drink six to eight glasses of water a day, that amount actually varies from person to person. The best thing you can do is cut other drinks out of your diet and drink water all day long. Remember, if your body is so dehydrated that you feel thirsty, it’s already too late.

2) Take your vitamins. Vitamin and mineral supplements are a key element in athlete nutrition, since the constant demands placed on their body burn those vitamins up faster than the average individual. Talk with your coach and your physician to see what supplements are right for you.

3) Enjoy your carbs! Although the Atkins diet has instilled a deathly fear of carbs into a huge percentage of the population, the bottom line is that your body gets its energy from its carbohydrates. As an athlete, you need that energy to keep going; as an individual, you need those carbs to replace what you burn throughout the day.

4) Keep your meat lean. There’s nothing wrong with a nice, juicy steak every once in a while, but good athlete nutrition hinges on keeping the body at a cutting edge. Lean meats are much more effective for that purpose. Remember, however, that your body craves protein as well. As an athlete your daily protein requirements may be higher than many other individuals who live more sedentary lives.

5) Avoid sweets. Sweets and sugary drinks will dehydrate you and slow you down. That’s the last thing you need! If you can, cut these sweets out of your diet completely. If you can’t, indulge in moderation. Remember, there’s a vast difference between a small slice of cake at your cousin’s wedding reception and an entire apple pie devoured in front of “I Love Lucy” re-runs!

Good athlete nutrition is a vital part of staying on top of your game. Sit down with your coach and your physician as soon as possible to work out a detailed diet plan just for you to have you at your peak athletic performance. You’ll be surprised at the difference a little change can make!