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The Best Way to Get Rid of Cellulite

Author: Aaron Landrycellulite

Cellulite is a growing problem in America and across the world.  Nearly 90% of all women suffer from a degree of cellulite.  That’s why so many women are searching for a way to reduce cellulite without having to spend an arm and a leg on cellulite creams and other gimmicks.  You can  reduce cellulite naturally  without wasting your money on scammy products. Keep reading to find out how.  

The term ‘cellulite’ is a word that was made up to describe the cottage cheese appearance many women  have on their hips and thighs.  It’s not a special type of fat or toxins or any other junk.  It’s just like any other fat.  The reason it shows a dimpled appearance is because of the connective tissue under the skin.  In women, most fat gets stored in the thighs and butt. Since fat is very soft, it doesn’t hold the skin taught like muscle does.  This causes it to push through gaps in the tissue and bulge out.   The skin in these problem areas is often thinner than other parts of the body.  This is often due to hormonal issues that increase fat storage in the area and break apart collagen fibers.  These factors cause the fat to bulge out and the skin to become thinner, making it even more apparanet.   To  reduce cellulite , you can perform some specific cellulite targeting exercises, and alter your diet to control problem hormones.  This combination can help to tighten the skin and tone the muscle in these problem areas.  It also can put you back in a cellulite fighting state and increase collagen production.  You can reduce cellulite naturally, you don’t need any expensive gimmicks.   Ask any doctor and they’ll tell you, there is no cream or other product that can get reduce cellulite.  It’s not a practical solution.  But don’t give up, you can reduce cellulite naturally if you really want to.