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Start Building Muscle With Pushups And Build Upper Body Muscle Fast!

Author: G. Jonesdecline pushup

Building muscle with pushups is the most basic, easiest way to start building upper body muscles quickly. For those of you who dont have time to go the gym, or even if you just love to do calisthenics you know you can always benefit from pushups. Building muscle with pushups is one of the oldest ways to gain muscle yet its also one of the best ways to gain muscle.

There are a variety of pushups you can do to get your chest, shoulders, and triceps busting out of your t-shirt! Even your biceps are hit to a certain extent but not as much as the other muscles. Incorporating these different types of pushups in your workout can have a huge positive effect on the muscular development of your upper body. For example, you can start  building muscle with pushups  by starting with a set of 20 normal pushups, then 15 diamonds and 15 inclines with no rest in-between. Imagine the intense burn a workout like that can have on your upper body! (Change those rep numbers according to your physical ability of course.)

Try These…

Normal Pushups – Get down on the floor, back facing the ceiling, extend and balance yourself on top of your toes. Spread your hands shoulder width apart. On the way down keep your body in a straight line downwards toward the floor, but dont let your back go down before the rest of your body goes down.

Wide Pushups – Wide push ups are self-explanatory, they are performed with your arms extended further from your shoulders. This style of pushups hits a larger area of the chest.

Diamonds – With this type of pushup you are to put your index fingers and thumbs together on the floor in the shape of a diamond. With your hands in this position you will get more direct stimulus in your triceps. This is sort of like the calisthenic version of the close grip bench press.

Decline pushups – Decline pushups concentrate on your upper chest muscles as well as all of the areas of a regular pushup. In this exercise you place your toes on a stable surface above the floor which puts your body at a downward angle. Put your hands on the floor and perform as normal.

Incline pushups – Inclines are the exact opposite of decline pushups. Incline pushups concentrate on the lower chest muscles as well as all the areas of a regular pushup. Incline pushups are performed just like normal pushups, except you want to tilt your upper body in a upward angle with your feet on the floor. Find a sturdy surface to rest your hands to perform your pushups.

Take these different types of pushups and create an intense workout. To make it more challenging, you could even have someone lay a weight plate on your back! You could even have a small child sit on your back as you perform your reps up and down! Be creative, get results, and enjoy yourself.

Basics of Bodybuilding Nutrition

Author: Jim Atilsonsports nutrition

Some subjects are too confusing and harder to understand, such as; Math, Chemistry, Biology, and in the case of bodybuilding, Nutrition. There is more to bodybuilding and building muscle than just lifting weights. A very important part of the process of gaining muscle, along with sufficient rest, is Bodybuilding Nutrition. Fortunately, to achieve your fitness and weight lifting goals, you do not need a degree in Nutrition. Instead, all you need is to have an open mind and willingness to learn as much as you can about it. Now, lets go ahead get started with the basics of bodybuilding nutrition.

Most people use the terms Nutrition and Supplements interchangeably. They assume that by using over-the-counter supplements their nutritional needs will be taken care of. Nothing is farther from the truth. There is a big difference between bodybuilding nutrition and supplements. In addition, supplements should be used very sparingly, if not at all. However the topic of supplement use is a totally different one all together.

You may be wondering, if we are not going to talk about supplements, then, what this article is all about? Well, for those who are not familiar with what bodybuilding nutrition is all about, it consists of four basic components; Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats and Water. Now, let’s go ahead and examine each of the components briefly.


Proteins and Amino Acids go hand in hand. Protein is made up of amino acids and amino acids are the building blocks of muscles. And they constantly build, repair and maintain your muscle tissues. So, in order to achieve your bodybuilding and fitness goals, you should be consuming sufficient amounts of protein a day, which is usually about 1-1.5 gram(s) of protein per pound of your body weight. You may be wondering, what kind of sources should I get my protein from? Well, you have a variety of sources to choose your proteins from like; beef, fish, poultry, eggs, turkey, tuna and soy protein.


Carbohydrates are your body’s main source of energy and they also provide your brain with the energy it needs in the form of glucose. There are two types of carbohydrates; simple and complex. Simple carbs are digested fast and most likely to be stored as fat. Whereas, complex carbs are digested over a period of time and contain a higher concentration of dietary fibers.

Carbohydrates play a vital role in developing muscle mass. There are simple guidelines you should adhere by with carbs;

1)Choose complex carbs over simple carbs; Complex carbs come from such sources as;potato, brown rice, oatmeal,etc. Complex carbs have a tendency to keep your blood sugar levels in check and since they burn slowly, they can act as a longer lasting energy source, especially for your workouts.

2)Since your body uses carbohydrates for energy, then, it is only logical to consume some carbs before and after your workouts. A norm is usually an hour before and no later than 1/2 hour after your workouts.

3)Did you know that even though fruits are a healthy choice, they are made up from simple sugar(carbs). If you did not know, simple sugar turn into fructose, then, stored in the body in the form of fat. So, for the purposes of building muscle, keep fruit consumption to a minimum.

4)Do not consume carbohydrates by themselves, always have carbs with proteins. By doing so, will help you minimize the chance of carbs being stored as fat.


All your cells have some fat in them. Just like your body needs carbohydrates and proteins, it also needs healthy fats to function on a daily basis. Aside from carbohydrates, your body utilizes fats as an energy source as well. And on a more scarier note, the excess fat which is not burned by your body will be stored as body fat.

There are 3 types of fats;

1)Saturated fats; which are often associated with heart disease and high cholesterol levels.

2)Polyunsaturated fats; are fats that are found mostly in vegetable oils.  3)Monounsaturated fats; which have a positive effect on cholesterol levels.

Among some of the benefits of healthy fats are a young looking skin and hair and healthier joints. Remember your daily intake of healthy fats should not exceed 20% of your calorie intake.


It is widely known that our bodies are made up of 70% of water, and without it we simply cannot survive. Having said that, you do not want to start consuming excess water as well. A simple way of figuring out your daily water need is by multiplying your body weight by 0.66. The end result, then, would be the amount you need in ounces on a daily basis.

In conclusion, here are 5 basic nutritional guidelines to follow which may be helpful in achieving your bodybuilding goals.

1)Stay away from unhealthy fats and simple carbohydrates.

2)Throughout the day eat smaller portions of food and eat frequently(4-5 times).

3)It is OK to use protein shakes, especially after workouts and sometimes in between meals when you can not consume “hard food.”

4)Drink plenty of water

5)Get enough rest and sleep.

There is no question that nutrition as a whole plays a very important part in building muscle and losing weight. And due to its “complexity” it is also one of the subjects that most people are shying away from, but, what they seem to be forgetting is that without proper nutrition all of their hard earned gains will ultimately come to a halt. In my opinion, the only remedy to this “problem” is through research and willingness to learn. Ask questions and exchange information about the basics of bodybuilding nutrition with your peers. In the end, there is no reason that you should not be improving, let alone regressing.

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10 Tips for Avoiding Injury During Sports Play

Author: John PerryRunning

Playing sports is a lot of fun.  It’s one of the most exhilarating activities that you can do.  Not only is it fun, though; it’s also healthy.

Playing sports can also be a form of body and mind exercise.  It can strengthen your muscles and your bones.  It also improves your thinking abilities since sports activities hone your mind in matters of strategy and technique.

In fact, playing sports is such a great activity that it can even improve your personality in the aspects of fairness and good sportsmanship.  However, that’s not to say that there are no downsides to playing sports.

Playing sports can be quite dangerous especially if you’re inexperienced.  If any accidents occur when you’re playing sports, the effects can range from mild to serious.  You can either get a minor bruise, a moderately severe sprain, or an injury that you will have to live with for the rest of your life.  You might even sustain an injury that could cost you your life.  So, it’s quite important to know how to avoid these sports injuries in the first place.

The Proper Gear

The first thing to do when you play sports is to prepare all the equipment that you will need.  Your equipment includes not only the balls, the nets and such necessary implements but also your protective equipment.

For example, in football (which is arguably one of the roughest sports) there are a lot of protective gears that you need to put on.  The first and probably the most important one is the helmet which is protection for your head or your cranium.

Helmets differ depending on the sport you’re going to play.  Football helmets are much bulkier than other helmets.  For one thing, football helmets are complete with a face guard and they almost completely cover the head.

There are other protective equipment like ankle guards, shoulder pads, shin guards, mouth guards, and knee caps.  All of these are designed to protect the important parts of the body from any injury.

If you participate in football, chances are high that you’ll be falling a lot.  All these pads cushion your body whenever you fall or forcibly collide with another player.  They therefore help in preventing bone fractures or sprains.  Such equipment may be bulky and heavy and they might prevent you from moving freely but, then again, isn’t it always better to be safe than sorry?

Get a Physical

You need to consult with your doctor before you become active in any sports activity.  Get a physical exam.  This is a precautionary activity that is usually required of professional athletes.  It wouldn’t hurt to follow their example even if you only plan on playing football with your weekend buddies.

Warm Ups

Before doing anything strenuous, you have to warm up your body.  Some people forgo doing warm-ups because they think that it’s too troublesome; they’re too impatient and want to get into the game the game immediately.

But this shouldn’t be so.  Warm-ups are incredibly important because they condition the body for the work-out that it’s going to receive.  Also, contrary to what other people think, warm-ups don’t necessarily mean stretching.  In fact, stretching should be saved until after you’ve warmed your body up a little since if you stretch yourself too much, you might end up tearing a few ligaments.

The first thing that you should do when you’re warming up is to take a light jog.  Then, when you’re done, start stretching your muscles starting from the head down.  You can start by rotating your neck, then your shoulders, then your arms, then your waist, your hips, your legs, and then your foot.  Sixteen counts on each body part should do.

All in all, warm-ups should last for 15 to 30 minutes.  Stretching helps by improving the blood circulation in the said body parts and also by increasing the body’s temperature.  That way, once you get into the field, your body will be more than ready to accommodate all the strenuous tasks that it will have to do.

Strength Training and Bodybuilding Exercises

If you want to be in top form when you play, your body must be in top form, too.  Aside from giving you the required energy for sports, though, a well-honed body is also more resilient, more flexible and, therefore, less susceptible to sports injuries.  Therefore, you should have strength training and regular bodybuilding exercises.


To avoid sports injuries, you’d do well to be good in your chosen sports.  Thus, you’d better practice, practice and practice some more.  Of course, do not do this without proper supervision.  If no one qualified is there to supervise, no one would be able to tell you whether what you’re doing is right or wrong.

Following Rules

Rules are there for a reason.  Usually, they’re qualified into two:  rules made for scores or points and rules made for common courtesy.  You see, some sports can be dangerous and there are some rules that are put in there for the sake of minimizing injuries and accidents.

Some rules in football that are focused on safety involve the types of blocking and tackling.  If you block the opponent by grabbing him by his face mask, then your move will be considered illegal.  Also, there’s a rule that prohibits tackling from behind and tackling using the top of your helmet.  These rules are made for the official football league but they should also be used in informal games.

Safe Venue

Of course, when you play sports, you have to choose a safe place to play.  When you’re playing rough contact sports like football, it’s best if you choose to play on a grass field.  It won’t help if you play on concrete because if some accident does happen, falling on the cold, hard concrete will only make the fall harder.

Body Mechanics

When playing sports, you should employ what’s called “body mechanics”.  Body mechanics maximizes your body’s potential for movement even as it minimizes the stress that it sustains.

For example, when jumping, make sure to bend or flex your knees to lessen the chance of joint dislocation when you land.  Learn all about the techniques that can make falling easier and less severe on your body.

Constant Awareness

Also, when you play sports, you must constantly be aware of what’s happening around you.  It won’t help if you’re not cooperating with your teammates.

For example, if two of you are trying to catch the ball, pay attention or you might crash into each other.  If someone’s planning to tackle you, try to dodge.  Evading is way better than getting hit since the latter leads to injuries.

Muscle Straining

It’s inevitable that your muscles will start to hurt when you play.  Muscle pain is oftentimes normal, but that doesn’t mean that you have to ignore it.  Never play through the pain because it will aggravate your condition.  Take a break when your muscles start hurting.  Rest the body part that hurts.  It will also help if you elevate it.  For example, if your leg is hurting, prop it up on a pillow or two.

It’s perfectly understandable to want to get right back in the game after you’ve sustained an injury especially if it’s an important game.  But you have to remember that safety always comes first.  If you disregard your injuries, it might get worse and the damage might become irreversible.

Sports are fun and all but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up your body in order to play them.  Remember that there are things that are more important in life, like your own safety and wellbeing.  Be wise when playing sports, have fun but don’t let it cloud your judgment.