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Let’s Get Started towards a Better You, Part 1

Author:  C. Smallat home

Isn’t it time you did something about the way you look and feel?  Want to Eliminate that Tired…Worn Out…Unhealthy Feeling?  Have you ever thought about doing something to boost your energy-level, mental acuity and self-esteem?  Want to look good in clothes that actually fit?  You can do these things and a whole lot more by achieving a healthy lifestyle.  Don’t wait another day!  Learn how to get fit inside and out through good nutrition and exercising the safe way with the right equipment, for lasting results.  Learn how eating right, using the right supplements and exercising can help you manage your weight, whether you’re over or under weight; and how getting and staying in shape will help prevent potentially life threatening diseases.

Are you ready?  Let’s go.  First, check with your doctor to ensure that you can safely exercise without restrictions.  Once you get the green light, you must make the personal decision to begin an exercise plan and commit to making it a priority in your life.  It’s also important to have a support team especially when you’re just starting a workout program.  Your team can help you stay on track by providing guidance and motivation.  Keep in mind however, that you did not get the way you are overnight.  It’s going to take time to develop new habits, so stay positive.  If you “fall off the wagon” get back up and start again right away.

You might also consider several sessions with a qualified personal trainer to learn what to do to reach your fitness goals.  A personal trainer can help you set your fitness goals and design a workout program specifically for you.  Don’t forget that there is no right or wrong way to stay active.  Just make sure that your goal(s) is/are realistic and measurable in a way that you will see your progress.  For example if your starting point for crunches is 1 on Day 1, you may set a goal to increase your reps to 10 by Day 8.

Now let’s get started.  Find something that works for you whether it’s biking to work, walking after a meal, joining a sports league, exercising while watching TV, or training for a marathon.  Life provides many opportunities to be active – we just have to recognize them.

I know that in trying to balance school, jobs, relationships and all of the other demands of your daily life, physical health is often the last item on your agenda.  However, if you make physical fitness and healthy lifestyle a priority, you will find more energy and enthusiasm for the other areas of your life; and, with more energy you might find that you can do a little bit more each day, such as spending more time with your family or that special someone.

REMEMBER you hold the key to a healthier you.  So start today.  Learn the steps, that is the small life style changes that you can make to help prevent heart disease, obesity, diabetes and stroke….and lead to a healthier, better looking you…a “you” that you will be proud of.

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How Cycling Can Benefit You

Author: Marcus Petercycling

There is no debating the fact that cycling is perhaps one of the best ways to commute smaller distances considering the health and environmental benefits it offers. We all know that cycles produce no carbon dioxide or other harmful emissions, are easy to park, produce no noise, are easy to maintain and can help rev up your health. But apart from these obvious advantages there are many other far-reaching benefits that cycling has to offer. Let’s look at a few of them here.

1.) Biking burns calories: It does not take gas to run a bike. The only fuel that cycling burns is your own calories! The more you ride your bike the more calories you burn and the more fuel you save. This directly helps you save more. So if you look at it, the benefits here are three fold. You save money, improve your health and help the environment at the same time.

2.) Helps reduce noise pollution: Although modern cars produce very less noise a collection of cars can raise the noise levels significantly especially given rush-hour conditions where the noise increases also because of the honking. Road bikes on the other hand produce no noise and there is no way they can lead to a traffic jam situation.

3.) Cycling helps you reach your destination faster: Believe it or not, cycling can help you reach your destination faster as compared to a car given a traffic jam or rush hour situation. Cycles have an advantage of moving faster through stagnant traffic helping you reduce your commute stress and time.

4.) Cycling can make you forget your sorrows: You heard that right. Cycling can help you forget your sorrows. How you ask? Cycling like any other forms of exercise helps increase the levels of endorphins in your body. Endorphins are euphoria producing hormones that help you get a sense of wellbeing by boosting your mood.

5.) Helps you appreciate nature: While commuting in a car we tend to miss out on so much that mother nature has to offer. There is no way someone commuting in a car can enjoy the scenery around him. Cycling on the other hand helps you experience the beauty of the locales. You can smell the nature around you, be it the fertile damp earth, the flowering trees or newly mown grass.

6.) You get to make new friends: Fellow cyclists can make great friends given the fact that they are sure to have similar thoughts as you do towards protecting the environment and staying healthy. A survey among cyclists reveals that deep friendships often result among cycling enthusiast because of the common ground they share.

7.) Cycles are easier to manufacture and maintain: Cycles can be manufactured with a fraction of elements required to manufacture a car. This is another reason why cycles are eco friendly. They are also a lot easier to maintain as compared to a car.

These are just a few of the many benefits that cycling has to offer. So if you have still not got yourself a bike, it is high time you start thinking about getting one.