Eliminate that Tired…Worn Out…Unhealthy Feeling

Hello, I’m Carolyn Small. I retired from the USAF with over 31 years of service. I have a daughter who is currently working towards a doctoral degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Health Education. I also have an interest in health, but my focus is on educating the community on achieving healthy lifestyles. I like meeting and helping people, and mentoring young adults in personal development, which is why I started this website. I have a Master of Science Degree in Counseling and Human Development.

If you’re tired, worn out and have that all around unhealthy feeling, isn’t it time you did something about it?  Do you want to boost your energy-level, mental acuity and self-esteem?  Do you want to look good in clothes that actually fit?  You can do these things and a whole lot more by achieving a healthy lifestyle.  Don’t wait another day!  Learn how to get fit inside and out through good nutrition and exercising the safe way with the right equipment and for lasting results.  Let CVS Unlimited L.L.C. show you how eating right, using the right supplements and exercising can help you manage your weight, whether you’re over or under weight; and how getting and staying in shape will help prevent potentially life threatening diseases. 

REMEMBER you hold the key to a healthier you.  So start today; learn the steps, that is the small life style changes that you can make to help prevent heart disease, obesity, diabetes and stroke….and lead to a healthier, better looking you…a “you” that you will be proud of and so will your family.

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I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes for Much Success,

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