Proper Nutrition is the Key to Health & Vitality!

Author: Chuck Arnonevitamins2-210_2

We all need to start somewhere with vitamins as our soils that grow our foods have been depleted of their nutrients over a period of decades! Liquid vitamins are better for a few reasons. They are easier for the body to digest and absorb than hard pills.Liquid vitamins are formulated at or near the concentration of body fluids and by virtue of being liquid, are not as concentrated as pills and tablets therefore loading capacity is less likely to be exceeded.

These vitamins are better than pills because they have better absorption and faster assimilation rate than pills. It is a lot better for your digestive system and is the same vitamins that you find in any supermarket or health store, but are suspended in a liquid vitamin mixture. This new method of taking liquid nutritional supplements is becoming extraordinarily popular in today’s progressive healthcare marketplace. These vitamins are available in the form of multi-vitamins as well. The liquid multi-vitamins offer a whole host of health benefits, both at physiological and psychological levels.

Liquid vitamins are the wave of the future and liquids work 9 times faster than pills. They bypass the digestive tract and are absorbed into the bloodstream, not to mention what it would also do for our city sewers, since pills are not efficiently absorbed into your bloodstream. Minerals do not always readily absorb in the body because they attach to larger molecules. A liquid vitamin supplement that uses amino acids is the best to enable mineral molecules to absorb. The benefit can be derived from every essential ingredient.

When starting your regimen with a multi-vitamin, results are not instant and require time to clean out and bring your body back to a healthy state. The first days to weeks you start your program with liquid vitamins, your body will go through a cleansing. These products are so effective that they will get into your tissues and push out the toxins that are stored in the cells. Additionally, the AMA (American Medical Association) is now recommending that everyone take a multi-vitamin to supplement their diet.

Supplements will not compensate for fatty fried foods, high intake of carbohydrates and imbalanced nutrition. It can on the other hand, compliment your nutrition, reinforce your immune system and top off the missing nutrients in your diet. Multivitamins vary in quality and not everyone will be able to do the same regimen. Supplementing your body with colloidal minerals and vitamin nutrients can help create the optimal environment in the body for maximal life expectancy by replenishing nutritional deficiencies. There are some Eastern cultures that have people routinely living to ages in the range of 120 to 140 years old (ex: the Hunzas). Supplements must be taken on your off days from training just as well as when you are working out. It is on your off days that your body is recovering from strenuous workouts and needs the proper nutrition to support muscle growth.

Get started on a daily vitamin regimen with the health supplements of high quality. In fact, they help you with more than vitamins and minerals not in your diet. In one daily dose you will get nutritional items proven to improve your digestive system, bones and joints, your immune system, your energy level, your heart and blood circulation and your mood and memory and ability to combat stress! Studies have shown that vitamins, especially liquid vitamins can boost your health and vitality!

Antioxidant vitamins have been said to be extremely helpful in preventing the oxidation of LDL, and consequently the accumulation of fat clogged arteries. However recent research is indicating that there is no link between antioxidant vitamins and prevention of coronary disease. Antioxidants have just started becoming talked about and mainstream. Even a few years ago, not many people could tell you what they are or the foods you can get them from.

Let’s look at this in an easy to understand way of improving your health as quickly as possible without harming yourself! Today’s lifestyles are hurry up and rush around, not to mention the smog in our cities and day to day stress of life. All of us including our children need to be on a daily routine of vitamins. The difference in staying healthy and living a long productive life.